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※ Authority Units ※  Actuarial Conference
  The Cooperative & Civil Associations Preparatory Office   Asian Actuarial Conference, AAC)
※ Supervision Units ※ Actuarial Association / Institute
  Financial Supervisory Commision R.O.C(Taiwan)   International Actuarial Association, IAA
  Financial Supervisory Commision R.O.C(Taiwan), Insurnce Bureau    Society of Actuaries,SOA
  International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS)   Casualty Actuarial Society, CAS
  National Association of Insurance Commissioners-US(NAIC)   American Academy Actuaries, AAA
  Office of the Superintendent of Fianacial Institutions-Canada(OSFI-BSIF)   Institute and Faculty of Actuaries,IFoA
  Financial Services Authority-British(FSA)   Instutite of Actuaries in Australia, IAAust
  Federal Financial Supervisory Authority-Germany(BaFin)   Institute of Actuaries of Japan, IAJ
  China Insurance Regulatory Commission-China(CIRC)   China Association of Actuaries, CAA
  Office of the Commissioner of Insurance-HongKong   Actuarial Society of Hong Kong, ASHK
  Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS)   Singapore Actuarial Society, SAS
  Labuan FSA-Malaysia  Canadian Institute of Actuaries, CIA
  Financial  Services Agency-Japen  
  Financial  Services Commission-Korean   CERA Global Association, CGA
※ Others    
  Taiwan Insurance Institute   be an actuary
  The Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China  
  The non - Life Insurance Association of the Republic of China  
  International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS