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The Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei, AICT







Founded in 1969, AICT is established with the objectives of serving public interest, promoting actuarial science, nurturing actuarial personnel, promoting exchange with international actuarial community and the sound development of actuarial profession in the Republic of China.



Professional and International


AICT became the Full Member association of IAA  (International Actuarial Association,  IAA) since 1998,  AICT's Fellows and Associates are qualified as the Fully Qualified Actuaries (FQA) of IAA. Authorized by CERA Global Association (CGA) , AICT became an Award Signatory for CERA credential in May 2014 and start holding the certification exams.


AICT is also one of the member of Asian Actuarial Conference (AAC, named EAAC before year 2015) . AICT hosted the fifth conference in Taipei in year 1978, and hosted agian by turns the 18th conference  in year 2014, which is successfully concluded.  Following the global awareness of environmental protection, this green meeting made deep good impression on the delegates coming from worldwide and received much praise.



Vision and Mission


AICT will continue to play a diversified role as the "Actuarial Joint Office", integrate resources to strengthen the education & training and serve insurance/actuarial industry, cultivate professional and international actuaries, cooperate with the international actuarial organizations, and to be in line with the international trend.


The missions include :

     1. Actuarial science research and investigation of related matters.

2. Exchange of actuarial knowledge and experience among members or with international community.

3. Holding actuarial conferences.

4. Publishing annual reports, journals and other publications concerning actuarial science and profession.

5. Making suggestions or responding to inquiries from government authorities regarding actuarial science.

6. Other matters relating to actuarial science.