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【IFoA】Specialist Principle Subject, SP9-Enterprise Risk Management






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The aim of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Specialist Technical subject is to instil in successful candidates the key principles underlying the implementation and application of ERM within an organisation, including governance and process as well as quantitative methods of risk measurement and modelling. The students should gain the ability to apply the knowledge and understanding of ERM practices to any type of organisation.



 ●  ERM Concept and Framework
 ●  ERM Process
 ●  Risk Categories and Classification
 ●  Risk Modelling and Aggregation of Risks
 ●  Risk Measurement and Assessment
 ●  Risk Management Tools and Techniques
 ●  Capital management




Core Reading


2020 edition  

Published: 2019

Publisher:  The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries



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Studying Material


Learning portal for SP9

The Core Reading for SP9 includes references to material in the following sources: (IFoA link)


1.1 Financial enterprise risk management. 2nd ed. ** Sweeting, P. Cambridge University Press, 2017. ISBN: 9781107184619

      (Borrow from libraries) | Access ebook after member login to Actuarial Knowledge Hub or via Athens)

       - see special instructions below.


1.2 Financial enterprise risk management. [1st ed.] ** Sweeting, P. Cambridge University Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780521111645
      (Borrow from libraries | Access eBook after member login to IFoA eLibrary via Athens*) [Errata for 1st edition book]


2. Enterprise risk management from incentives to controls. 2nd ed. Lam, J. Wiley, 2014.

    (Borrow from libraries) | Access eBook after member login to IFoA eLibrary via Athens*)


3. Practice Note on enterprise risk management for capital and solvency purposes in the insurance industry

    International Actuarial Association. 31 March 2009


4. Insurance criteria: Evaluating the enterprise risk management practices of insurance companiesStandard & Poor's.




Details of direct references to these sources are given in the appropriate Units of the Core Reading.


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** Note: 

The second edition of Financial Enterprise Risk Management by Paul Sweeting, published in 2017, is the core reading cited for the 2018 exams. The IFoA Library service now makes this available as an ebook. IFoA members and students can login with their member credentials here, reaching the Actuarial Knowledge Hub, where the book title is listed top among eBooks and Journals. Members with individual Athens accounts already from the IFoA Library can login, select 'Resources' then 'Actuarial Knowledge Hub' to find the ebook in the same way. The first edition remains available and is available to borrow or access as an ebook.




Instructions for candidates sitting an exam



Author:  Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Publication date:   27 March 2019

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Past exam papers and examiners' reports


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