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How do I become a CERA?

How can I get the CERA qualification?


Members of the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei can be eligible to receive the CERA qualification if they:


1. Become a MWAC (Member with an Actuarial Credential ) according to the IAA (International Actuarial Association) --

    AICT members must meet one of the following requirements,

    (1)Fellows of AICT.

    (2)Acquired the Associateship of AICT before 2013/7/1.

    (3)Acquired the Non-GI (General Insurance) Associateship of AICT after 2013/7/1. 

    (4)Acquired the GI Associateship of AICT after 2013/7/1 and pass CAS EXAM 7 & 9.


2. Pass IFoA SP9 exam.


3. Complete AICT 2-days seminar.




CERA's dedicated website


To find out how CERA can enhance your career opportunities, go to the CERA global website.




Steps to Transfer Supervision of CERA Designation to AICT (General version) 


We sincerely encourage member with the CERA holder transfer the supervision of CERA Designation to AICT,  which could enhance the visibility of AICT with no effect on individual benefit.  


If you would like to transfer supervision of your CERA designation to the AICT, please refer the steps of  "procedure of transfering supervision", and send the filled Application to the Secretariat of AICT.






Should you have a question, please contact Secretariat.