【SAS】2019Asian Actuarial Conference in Singapore


The Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) is pleased to host the 22nd Asian Actuarial Conference (AAC) in Singapore from 21-24 October 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, themed Crazy Responsive Actuaries – Taking Action to Secure the Future.


The harmonious insurance industry is under threat! Low interest rates and the increasing availability of capital have been putting pressure on returns. Rising medical costs have been squeezing insurers. Costly regulatory and accounting changes threaten to overwhelm.


The march of technology has been showing to be a Pandora's Box. Pay-per-use insurance and driverless cars could render some products obsolete. New players are knocking on the walls and threatening to unseat incumbents through radically different business models. New risks introduced by technology such as Cyber risks, are still not fully understood. Meanwhile the risks of missing out on the opportunities are just as severe.


But we've not been sitting idly, have we? The uncertain world has spurred on the crazy responsive spirit of the actuary. Science and art have been married up in the quest to optimise capital. Advancements are being brought to the fore to vastly improve medical outcomes. The power of technology is being harnessed to push the boundaries in analytics, distribution and underwriting. Disruptors and innovation centres have been popping up to re-define the possible, whilst incumbents have been seeking new partnerships to continue securing the future. Actuarial techniques and scope have been adapting too in response to the new risks and requirements.


The challenges for our industry are far from over, but just like in the past we hope that these spur us to take action to secure the future and in the process bring out the best in us.


Are you a technical or analytics whiz? Do you bring exciting insurance innovations? Are you a seasoned insurance leader? Are you the maven of your area? Have you found a crazy way to utilise your actuarial skills to respond to industry challenges? Or have you been working tirelessly to secure the future? We would love to hear from you!


The AAC is the largest actuarial conference in Asia. Past data, which is what most actuaries use to predict future, suggests that more than 700 delegates would attend the conference. Whether you want to have animpact on the actuarial community and the insurance industry with your ideas or elevate your profile, there is no better platform than the AAC.


The organising committee of the 22nd AAC invites interested presenters to register and send abstracts of their topics through the forms on our website . The due date is 17 June 2019. The selection committee will review and confirm if your topic is accepted by early July.