2021 AICT-SOA Joint Seminar—Post-Pandemic World for Life Insurers





This grand event is the joint international seminar organized by the Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei, AICT and  Society of Actuaries, SOA on Nov 3, 2021.


The joint seminar is the annual cooperation between AICT and SOA. This year's subjects focuses on Post-Pandemic World for Life Insurers. Professional speakers are invited to share their points of view and practical experience, including 

◆ Actuaries, Excel and a Post-Pandemic Future

◆ IFRS17 technical and operational practice from actuarial perspective

◆ Strategic turning points for Korean life insurers under new regulations – focus on market risk mitigation strategies

◆ Future of InsurTech for insurance

◆ Market Conduct & Professionalism / Ethics after pandemic



※ Given the current world-wide situation with COVID-19, this seminar is going Hybrid, foreign presenters and registrants could  join the seminar through WebEx and Taiwan's could join in-person mode.

※ The meeting link will be attached to the "Pre-Seminar Notification" email to the registrants. Also, please download the software operation manual and precautions for attending the seminar on the website and read them thoroughly.









 ▍Agenda (Taipei Time)







 09:00-09:10  Welcome Remark


 09:10-10:10  Session 1 - Actuaries, Excel and a Post-Pandemic Future

 Allan Wong

 Bob Charles


 Session 2 - IFRS17 technical and operational practice from

                   actuarial perspective

 Ken Chuang


 Coffee Break


 Session 3 - Strategic turning points for Korean life insurers under new

                    regulations – focus on market risk mitigation strategies 

 Taik Ki Lee


 Lunch Break


 Session 4 - Future of InsurTech for insurance

 Yannick Even


 Session 5 - Market Conduct & Professionalism / Ethics after pandemic

 MC: Simon Lam


 Kitty Ching

 Orchis Li

 Shuyen Liu


 Closing Remark



Please refer to Agenda Session InformationSpeaker Profile for more information.  





  • Mark your calendar 

    2021 AICT-SOA Joint Seminar—Post-Pandemic World for Life Insurers
    Date:3 Nov, 2021
    Venue:Hybrid ( WebEx & Venue- CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center 10F R1001 )
  • Registration deadline : Nov 1, 2021

  • Relevant Information : pre-webinar reminder

  • Registration Policy

FULL PAYMENT must be paid online by credit card and received in order to confirm your registration.

Group registration is not be available for foreign participants. For academic participants, please contact AICT Secretariat to proceed the registration.

By registering, participants agree that their name, company, city and country appear on the participant list. Participants can request to have their name removed from the list at any time by emailing to  AICT Secretariat.  

  • Cancellation and Refund policy 

If, for any reason, the Joint Seminar, or any part thereof, is prevented from being held, or the venue becomes unavailable, the Organiser may cancel or postpone the Joint Seminar. In such event, the Organiser shall not be responsible for delays, damage, loss, increased costs, or other unfavourable conditions arising by virtue thereof, and participants waive all or any claims for loss, expense or damage against the Organiser arising there from.


Cancellation before before the registration deadline (including) will be subject to an administration fee of 20% of registration fee per participant and refunds will only be made after the completion of the Joint Seminar. In the event of late cancellation after the registration deadline or no-show, request of refund will not be entertained.

  • Registration fee and linkage


Registration Fee 

 AICT/ SOA Member  NT$ 6,000
 Non member  NT$ 7,000
 Academic*  NT$ 2,500
AICT member / All non-member Registration

SOA member Registration

  *For full-time teachers and students only, please contact the AICT Secretariat for

    registration and payment.




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